Our Services

We understand the value of your shipments, and we know that you cannot rely on just any courier service. Our wide range of services is designed to give you peace of mind because we are with you at every step from the moment you start planning your shipments until they arrive safely and intact at their destination.

Shipping Documents Advisement

Golden Rule

We make sure to help you gather the required documentation in advance so that airlines do not reject your shipments or to experience customs delays.

Pick Up and Delivery Service

All kinds of shipments anywhere

We are experts in the handling and transportation of perishable shipments and general cargo from anywhere to anywhere.

Domestic and International Airfreight

General Cargo and Cold Chain Logistics

Our alliance with the most reliable airlines on each continent allows us to plan the fastest route, whether within the United States or abroad, so that your shipments arrive safely and quickly at their destination.

Customs Clearance Service

Anywhere in the world

Our customs clearance service is one of the fastest in the world since our experience with USDA, FDA, Fish and Wildlife, and CBP (as well as other entities in every country) allows us to prevent any delays that your shipments might face.

Dry Ice Replenishment Service

Even after-hours & weekends

We offer a flexible dry ice replenishment service that will help protect your shipments packed in dry ice while in transit or awaiting customs release.

Temperature Sensitive Shipments

-150 ºC, -80 ºC, +2/+8 ºC & +15/+25 ºC

Temperature sensitive shipping is our business. We take care of all your concerns about the temperature and integrity of your precious cargo.

Our Products

In order to guarantee the safety and integrity of your valuable shipments we offer you the following products:
Validated Packaging

Validated Packaging

We provide the validated packaging for all your temperature controlled shipments.

Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature Data Loggers

We provide the right temperature data logger for your shipment depending on its specifications.

Shipping Supplies

Shipping Supplies

We also provide bio-bottles, bio-pouches, gel packs, absorbent material & shipping labels.

Our Mission

We are committed to streamlining your shipping processes. We'll guide you every step of the way to make sure your valuable shipments move safely and quickly.


We are experts in all types of temperature sensitive shipments. We know how they must be packed and how they must be transported in order to preserve their integrity from start to finish.


At Kolob Express, there is always a person taking care of each shipment and regardless of the day or time it is, you can always contact that person and receive updates on your shipments.


We are committed to maintaining warmth and human dynamism in everything we do, which, combined with our experience and dedication, makes us the most affordable and reliable option.