Our Mission

Kolob Express, LLC is an international logistics company committed to become YOUR REAL SERVICE PARTNER in the care and handling of your shipments from anywhere to anywhere, and in order to achieve our goal we focus on three solid pillars: experience, dedication, and transparency.


Our expertise in the handling of temp sensitive shipments allows us to advise you in regard to validated packaging for frozen, refrigerated and room temperature shipments.
We put at your disposal the best brands of validated packaging and data loggers for temperature recording.


We understand how valuable your shipments are for you. At Kolob Express, we reward your trust with absolute dedication.
Our Customs Service Representatives monitor your shipments from origin to destination to provide real-time updates to you.


Our vision is to become YOUR REAL SERVICE PARTNER and for this reason, we want to build a transparent long term business relationship with you.
Contact us to learn about our services, our quality policy and our transparency policy in order to build a solid and lasting business relationship.

Our Products

The transport of bio-pharmaceuticals is something very delicate and requires much more than a box and a courier to pick up and deliver. In addition to our experience and service, we are available to advise you properly on the products required for your shipment and since we have an extensive network of lab and shipping material suppliers, we are able to offer a perfect balance between quality and economy in all products for the optimal transportation of your shipments.
Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solutions

We put at your disposal the most reliable brands of validated shipping boxes and data loggers and since we are experts at handling temp sensitive shipments, we help you find the best packing solution at a low cost.

Temperature Monitors

Temperature Monitors

You can know exactly under what temperature conditions was exposed your shipment on its journey from origin to destination. Consult with us the best temperature monitor option for your shipment depending on its specifications.

Lab and Shipping Supplies

Lab and Shipping Supplies

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everything you need for your shipment were in one place? That is why we are willing to go the extra mile by providing you with laboratory and shipping supplies so that you have nothing to worry.