While at Kolob Express we like to speak with our clients, it is extremely important that when requesting a price estimate or placing an order, our clients send us an email to avoid confusion in the information.

For this reason, in Kolob Express we give greater value to email communication and always ask our clients to contact us at [email protected].

However, given some recent findings of unscrupulous people trying to usurp the identity of certain companies we have adopted the following security measures for email communication:

1. We will only accept emails from legally registered domains.

For example: if we receive an email from Incosur whose legally registered domain is “www.incosur.hn”, we will not even take the time to respond to an email that comes from “www.incosurhn.com” or “www.incosur.biz”.

In order for us to respond to an email from “Incosur”, such email must be registered within the legal domain @incosur.hn, be it [email protected] or [email protected], etc.

2. Although some companies usually use generic email as a backup alternative, in Kolob Express we will respond to emails that come from a generic email service provider such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yandex only if they are copying an email registered in the domain of the company.

For example, if Incosur sends us an email from their email address [email protected], we will only respond to that email if they are copying their corporate email [email protected].

3. When a company contacts us for the first time, they must inform us how they learned about Kolob Express.

4. If a company wishes to open an account with Kolob Express, they must fill out a form in which they must provide certain information which will be verified.

The security measures adopted are for the benefit and safety of our customers as we are committed to be Your REAL Service Partner.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and collaboration.

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