Flights to Europe and China Return to SFO Airport in June 2020

Flights to Europe and China return to SFO Airport, with restrictions, in June: We that have not stopped serving the Health Care and Life Science industry are prepared to go further in the globe to handle your shipments Flights to Europe and Japan will return to San Francisco International Airport in June, according to a statement from the airport. This is big news; SFO hasn’t had any Read more…

Thank You, Health Workers!

Kolob Express deeply appreciates the work of researchers, doctors, nurses and Logistics specialists (our colleagues) involved in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. Send us an email: Call us: +1.435.774.2327 Welcome to visit our website:

Happy Holidays from Kolob Express

We hope all of you to enjoy this beautiful season and may God’s love abound in your hearts and fill you with joy, gratitude for the blessings received and the peace and faith necessary to face the challenges of life. Thank you very much for choosing Kolob Express, LLC.

The REAL meaning of service is our secret

This is the difference between doing business with customers and taking advantage of customers. Concerning Customer Service, doing business with customers in an ethical and gratefully way is to enter the business with the true intention of providing a good service at the best price, so that customers feel that Read more…

Kolob Express: Get To Know Us

This is the start of your journey with Kolob Express: Kolob Express is an International Logistics company dedicated mainly to the handling and transportation of bio-pharmaceutical products such as Human or Animal biological samples (blood, plasma, serum, semen, urine, feces), and pharmaceutical products finished or in the process of development. Read more…