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Kolob Express is an International Logistics company dedicated mainly to the handling and transportation of bio-pharmaceutical products such as Human or Animal biological samples (blood, plasma, serum, semen, urine, feces), and pharmaceutical products finished or in the process of development.

Since these products are perishable and require temperature control, at Kolob Express we are experts in all types of validated packaging for the different temperature ranges that each shipment may require, and we are not only able to advise you on the type of validated packaging that your shipments may need, but we ourselves provide them so that you have the peace of mind that from our experience we will choose the right type of packaging for your shipment.

As experts in perishable shipments we are also experts in handling Food Stuff shipments whether refrigerated or frozen.

Although the Cold Chain Logistic is more specific for perishable products, our services have the characteristic of being express; in other words, for us, your shipments are urgent and require dedicated handling and transportation.

In addition, since we have been in the international logistics for many years we are experts in all type of shipments that do not require temperature control and it is with great satisfaction that we can say that we are ready to handle and transport your electronic devices, AOG shipments, spare parts and stationery; and everything you want to ship.

Kolob Express has an extensive network of agents and service partners all over the world which allows us to keep an eye on your shipments from start to finish and our customer service representatives are trained to keep you updated at every step.

Our mission is becoming Your REAL Service Partner; that is, as long as you know that Kolob Express is handling your shipments, you can be sure that your shipments will be well taken care of as if you were doing it yourself.

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